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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Traveling on the Lazy

One great thing about going to Shanghai from the Eastern US is that you don't have to change your watch.

Just flip it around (assuming you don't have numbers on it!).

Its exactly a twelve-hour time difference. Brilliant!


PS - this might be my first post of many entitled "Traveling on the Lazy" :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Google Code University

If you ever wanted to learn more about the tech. behind Google's shimmer, check out their new website Google Code University. Its aimed at students and professors but an individual interested in distributed computing will do just as well. So far the site has four main sections:
  • AJAX Programming
  • Distributed Systems
  • Web Security
  • Languages
In each section are tutorials and videos, exposing how Google is using these technologies/techniques and how you can give them a try too. A fun website if you've got some ambition and a little free time.


On the road to Shanghai...

I left Pier almost a month ago now. Since then I've been skiing, pub-crawling (NYC for St. Patty's Day), concert going, and traveling up and down the eastern seaboard. Time off is great but after a while it can get to be too much and you need to get back to what you love.
So, next week I'm starting my new job at ReignDesign in Shanghai, China. I'm extremely excited about this move. New language, culture, city, company...and the list goes on. Reign has a great Flash development team, I can't wait to get across the pond and meet everyone. As always, I'll be working to push the boundaries of Flash and thin client GUI design.

For all my friends and family in the US, I'll miss you guys but you're always welcome to come over and visit (mere ~18 hour flight). Wish me luck.