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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ADOBE, Adobe, adobe...

Two quick notes on Adobe. First, They've revamped their website...and damn does it look sweet. Check it out. Second, I noticed a side note in the Flex 3 tracking log a couple weeks ago that mentioned something about "Blaze DS". The name sounded pretty intriguing to me at the time but I didn't have any details to go on. Today they finally issued a press release, it appears Blaze DS is an open source Data Service manager, a Lifecycle Data Services-Light (that's a mouthful). The platform will provide Remote Object access to new server-side languages (PHP, Ruby, etc.), basic data-push, and syncing functionality to Flex 3 (still in beta). No word on its level of integration with Flex 2, the most current full-release of Flex. This should open the door to a larger "open source" crowd that might have been dissuaded from using Flex without an integrated server-side component. Looks like another solid move by Adobe to bolster their development ranks, we'll see how it plays out as more information becomes available.


PS - This information comes from a number of scatter sources so forgive any misinformation I might be spreading.