Quality Reads

Friday, September 07, 2007


If you're a ColdFusion developer, then its a safe assumption you've visited the ColdFusion Developer's Journal on Sys-Con. Over the past year, their frequency and quality of posts has been on the decline (perhaps in conjunction with their readership). Adobe took notice and recently pulled their support from the publication. Apparently that was the final nail in the coffin because Sys-Con just announced CFDJ has been axed.

The quality of their content aside, I'm a little surprised Adobe allowed this to happen. CFDJ was the premier ColdFusion publication and really the only one that comes to mind as I'm writing this article. Is this a reflection of Adobe's commitment to CF or just a fitting end to a subpar journal? I don't mean any offense to the authors of CFDJ. There's a long list of great reads from the journal, over the years, but lets face facts. Sys-Con's user experience is probably the worst of any website I'll admit to frequenting. Perhaps a new blog with a better format and design will fill its place (hint, hint). Check in with pierinc.com in the next week for all the info.