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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Forcing some coherent thought...

This is my first post in my new blog. The first of many, hopefully...I've never been much of a blogger. For some reason, I've always found taking the time to put my thoughts on paper was just time that could have been better spent producing something. So, to meet myself in the middle, I've decided to compose my business thoughts and ambitions; plus, keep people posted on the sweetest corners of the web that the average person might not wander. Stay with me, you won't regret it.

Websites you need to see no matter who you are (Web 2.0 Apps):

  • EditGrid.com (google spreadsheets < editgrid)

  • ZoHo (replaces everything in the Microsoft Office package)

  • Gawker Stalker (been alive and kicking for a year now..scary use for 2.0 app)

Technology thats gonna kill in the next couple years:

  • Apollo (think web browser with all the capabilities/ resources of a desktop app)

  • Open Laszlo (creating an open source Flash/DHTML application dev. tool)

  • Google Web Toolkit (Knock out client-side code w/ Java...nice)

So much more to say but not today.

PS-I'm still learning the intracacies of Python but I'm encouraged to see blogger using some *.py CGI's.