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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Managing Markers in Google Maps

I just spent the last four hours trying to coerce Firefox into properly displaying 600 markers on Google Maps (using GMarkerManager). In the end, I came up with the same response "too much recursion", FF's words not mine.

My original process was to create the map, so users have something to look at, then make an XHR call for all the markers I wanted to place on it. Logical, I thought at the time. For some reason, making the XHR call after the map is instantiated seems to freeze up my computer (dual-core Mac). A very bad sign considering the average user doesn't have the power setup that I do. I tweaked a couple functions to improve performance but nothing seemed to work.

Then I found this web page (and demo) which provides a VERY simple solution. Load the data up front then initialize the map. Presto, GMarkerManager kicks in and everything works perfectly. If you don't feel this answer is satisfying...I hear you. Frankly, it doesn't sit well with me either but it works and the load time isn't horrible.

Hopefully, someone will see this post and avoid getting brutalized like I did.


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